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The fearful dog diary - Part 5 The third interaction that affected Lola more than we realised

Finally, every experience you have, whether it be good or bad is something that you can learn from. Once things have calmed down you need to go over what happened and think about what you could have done differently to avoid something similar happening again. One thing you know you can always take away from a traumatic experience is that you will never let it happen again.

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Dog training tips - Crate Training

The idea behind crate training is to create a safe haven for your dog, for them to have a place that they can call their own and feel secure in. Once they have been crate trained properly your dog will see it as an area they can use when they need a break from the world or some time out. You can imagine how grateful they will be to have a place all their own, especially if they are a fearful, anxious dog. If something is scaring or worrying them then they have somewhere to escape to instead of being around or hearing whatever it is that was upsetting them.

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The fearful dog diary - Part 4 The second interaction that affected Lola more than we realised…

Since her previous incident Lola had been living life quite happily, going on trips to the park, the beach, to family’s houses. She didn’t even seem too put off by what had occurred. We did notice that she had stopped being as submissive when other dogs were around and was instead standing up for herself a little bit more. We, along with everyone else who saw this happen, thought that it was a good thing that she wasn’t getting pushed around anymore. Looking back I see that these were the early signs of a dog that had learned a new way to deal with a situation she was unsure of, but I nor anyone else realised how undesirable this behaviour would become.

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The fearful dog diary - Part 3 The first interaction that affected Lola more than we realised…

Let me start by saying that this is extremely difficult for me to write. Each incident upset me more than I realised at the time. Clearly if they had such an impact on me then I can only begin to imagine how they affected Lola, especially being the nervous, fearful, anxious dog that she was already. None of these incidents were caused any significant physical injury but sometimes it is the unseen ‘afflictions’ that can have unwanted long lasting effects

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The fearful dog diary - Part 2 When we noticed Lola was a little different...

When Lola came to live with us, at about 4 months of age, I vividly remember first noticing the onset of one of her obsessive behaviours, shadow chasing. When she was a puppy and still learning right from wrong we kept her outside when we couldn’t watch her 100% of the time. After we had eaten our dinner though we would head outside to play a game, have a wrestle or just a cuddle. It was during one of these innocent interactions when my husband and I were sitting on the ground, so we could be at her level, that I recall Lola noticing, then pawing at and finally chasing any moving shadow. Who would have thought that these seemingly normal puppy behaviours of discovering new things, investigating these new things and interacting with these new things would turn into a full blown obsession in the months and years to followed.

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The fearful dog diary - Part 1: Lola in the beginning...

When we first met Lola I remember thinking that’s a slightly intense pup but they are all like that aren’t they? I mean she had been living at the vets for a couple of weeks so of course she was going to be a little ‘stir crazy’. Her constant attention seeking, high pitched bark and inability to relax unless utterly exhausted seemed like normal puppy behaviour…

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