Our story

At For Paws, we want to help all dogs and their families have the best possible lives together and certified dog trainer Kate is here to make that happen.

A bit about us

For Paws was brought to life for a couple of reasons. Firstly, after years of working as a veterinary nurse (with a brief stint in veterinary pathology), head dog trainer Kate wanted a new outlet for her love of animals. Secondly, a new member of the family was introduced, Lola. This recently rescued puppy had a host of anxiety and fear related issues that needed regular and professional attention. So in short, a love of dogs and a dog that needed love is what inspired Kate to study and become a qualified dog trainer.

How For Paws can help

At For Paws, we want to help all dogs and their families have the best possible lives together. So we offer a range of training solutions. From simple dog walking to early socialisation, group dog training classes and in home training consultations, we have a solution to get you and your dog working hand in paw. We have a soft spot for fear and anxiety related issues in dogs, but we also love helping people with a wide array of issues such as food guarding, barking, jumping, unreliable recall and much more. We use only force-free, reward based methodologies that will help you and your dog train and build a positive relationship. 



  • Full member of the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers)

  • Family Paws Parent Educator

  • Fear Free Certified Animal Trainer

  • Qualified dog trainer with the National Dog Trainers Federation

  • Qualified veterinary nurse

  • APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) Member

  • PPG (Pet Professional Guild) Member


  • Doubleview Veterinary Clinic - Dog trainer

  • Doubleview Veterinary Clinic - Veterinary Nurse

  • Doubleview Veterinary Clinic pet behaviour seminars - Co-presented with Kalmpets

  • Shenton Park Dog's Home - Volunteer

  • RSPCA - Volunteer