One-on-one sessions

Reach your dog training goals with a helping hand from a qualified trainer. We’ll take you out and about around Perth for some one-on-one guidance for you and your dog.

Intro one-on-one session

For clients who are new to For Paws, new to training or aren't sure of their dog's needs we'll need to kick things off with a bit of an intro. It'll help us assess your dog's needs and training history, instill some basics as well as get the training underway.  

  • $120 for a 1hr session (includes fact sheets)

  • This is designed as an introduction and we recommend following up with some One-on-one sessions

  • After you've done our intro session, further sessions will be charged at a discounted rate

One-on-one session

Training at home is a great step towards reaching your training goals. But, getting out and about into the big wide world is important too and can be a bit more challenging. That's why we offer tailored training sessions to help you address your training goals outside, in real-life environments. Our One-on-one sessions can be customised to your training needs within either of the two categories below. 

  • General training: e.g. recall, loose lead walking, focus around distraction. Suggested locations (Off lead but under control areas) - Lake Gwelup, Carine Open Space, Jackadder Lake

  • Behavioural: e.g. fear, anxiety, stress as well as the resulting reactivity.
    Suggested locations (On lead only areas) - Perry Lakes, Lake Monger

  • $90 for a 1hr session

  • Discount available on multiple sessions requested during the initial booking

Note - These sessions will not be carried out at off lead dog parks. This environment generally contains over-aroused dogs. When dogs are over-aroused their brains aren't working as well as they could be and our aim is to help dogs understand the benefits of calm behavious to enable them to make better choices.