In-Home Consults

For Paws in-home consultations are a great way to get expert training advice and clear up whatever problems you and your dog might be having.

At For Paws we offer a range of in-home services for you and your dog. From simple obedience issues and puppy training right up to serious behavioral problems, we can help you out. Take a look at our range of dog training services below or if you aren't sure what you need click here and we'll help you decide.

Our consultation hours are by appointment on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays 9:30am - 5pm. There are also limited spots available outside of these hours.

Puppy Training

A one-on-one, in-home puppy training session with For Paws will give you the opportunity to pick the brain of a professional dog trainer in your own home. Our sessions include puppy information as well as explanations and demonstration of a range of techniques to help you navigate a variety of common issues with the new furry friend in your family.

  • $190 for initial 1.5hr consultation and training plan

  • Follow up sessions at a discounted rate

General Obedience

This in-home consultation covers general obedience issues, basic behavioural problems, complex skills and tricks. So if you need some guidance to help you and your dog see eye to eye or just want to bond with your dog via some fun training time we can lend you a paw.

  • $190 for initial 1.5hr consultation and training plan

  • Follow up sessions at a discounted rate

Assistance with behavioural problems

It can be daunting to live with a dog that is having issues, but the good news is that with some sound professional guidance and some persistence these issues can be solved or managed. At For Paws we will guide you through issues including anxiety, fear, aggression towards dogs, aggression towards people, resource guarding, kids and dogs, excessive barking, destructive behaviour and separation anxiety.  

  • $190 for initial 1.5hr consultation and a behaviour modification report

  • Follow up sessions come at a discounted rate of $120 each and are highly recommended, to make sure you and your dog are getting the most out of the training

Follow-up Session

If you’ve already had us out for an in-home consultation and you’re looking for a little more help with the issues we covered, this is the session for you.

  • $120 for a 1 hour session

  • Designed as to help you implement the training discussed at your initial session